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Hi loves!!! 

Happy belated Valentine's Day! Regardless of your relationship status, I hope you felt loved yesterday & everyday. It's been 2 weeks since we last spoke and I've missed you! We're friends so let me apologize for my absence! Will you forgive me? Ok cool, thanks :).

Ok now that I've gotten my apologies and formalities out of the way, let's get down to business! What have I been doing for the past 2 weeks you ask?....

1. Fawning over the fact that Beyonce is having TWINS!!!... With all of the shenanigans going on in the world, she picked the perfect time to give us such good news! And did you see her Grammys performance!? FLAWLESS as usual! 

2. Prepping for vacation (Your girl is tired...Don't worry, I'll be thinking of you lol)

3. Trying to brave these frigid NY temperatures that have been holding us captive... It's still a mystery why I live in New York... and no, native New Yorkers NEVER get used to it!

4. Brunching...Because french toast, bacon, & a strong cup of coffee are dietary staples *Insert praise hands emoji*

5. Attended the NYNow show to buy new merchandise for the store (whoop whoop!)

6. Making my normal bi-weekly (sometimes tri-weekly) trips to Target...Judge not

7. Breathing...because sometimes life gets crazy & we forget to 

Now that you have been caught up on what I've been doing for the most part, we can resume our regularly scheduled programing. 

Remember to smile, give someone your love, and stay away from those who drain you! 

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