Girl Power: The importance of your tribe & the power in uplifting one another!

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This past weekend women everywhere gathered together to march for women's rights, choices, and the importance of making sure that our voices are heard. Regardless of color, religion, or sexual orientation, women banded together to remind the government, and anyone else who needed said reminder, that women are not objects and are more than capable and should have the right to make decisions that affect their daily lives. It was not only a testament to what women can do, but also a display of how important it is for women to band together to support and uplift each other. It was a public display of what women do every day... Gather with their tribe and lift each other up! It is an unstoppable force that is knitted together with faith, resilience, and determination. This force moves on mottos such as "Who Gon' Check Me Boo?" and "Don't Believe Me Just Watch". It is a force to be reckoned with! 

There is magically divine power in having a good group of girlfriends & being able to be yourself around them. It is your girlfriends who are going to make sure that you are fully aware of your power, grace, and impact. These are the women who will uplift you when you are at your wits end and do not know how you are going to get through a bad breakup or another day at the job you hate. They will pray for you in your darkest hours and make sure the you feel their love. They are also the women who will remind you that you need to color your hair and that you need to go shopping because you've accomplished your fitness goals and your clothes are now too big (werk it girl!!!). They will make you laugh so hard that you can't breathe and tears roll down your face. This is your tribe and every fabric of its being is who you are. 

As a woman who is blessed enough to have this tribe, I can attest to the great impact it has on my life. When I am at my weakest and vulnerable, they remind me of my strength and encourage me... and when I am strong, they congratulate me and push me to new heights. I am beyond appreciative for them and their loyalty, grace, and patience is second to none. 

Are you this woman? Do you have this tribe? If you're not her, I encourage you to dig deep down and find out why not. She doesn't require you to be anyone but exactly who you are (unless you're a miserable cow -_-). You are the girlfriend that someone needs and finding like minded women, forming an indestructible bond, and making a difference are the only requirements to "tribehood". Everything in this world is because of a woman and we must fight tirelessly to make sure everyone remembers that and protects its sanctity! Start with your inner circle and go from there.... We literally run the world and will be damned if we allow anyone or anything to change that! 

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